Ethnicity in Fashion Through Time

Japanese Women Wearing Ethnic Fashion In KimonosThe difference between race and ethnicity in fashion

Clothing differs greatly across the globe, and society may believe that various styles of clothing have to do with the race and ethnicity of specific areas around the world. It is first important to understand how race and ethnicity are two entirely separate subjects in general and in fashion. Simply defined, race is a biological trait that cannot be changed about a person. Race is not something that can be hidden and includes skin colour, eye colour, types of hair, heights and sizes, facial structures etc. Race is not something that can be defined by clothing choice. Whereas ethnicity is a choice which can be displayed through clothing, body modifications and accessories. Ethnicity has many categories and can be hidden, if chosen. You cannot possibly know the ethnicity of someone by the colour of their skin, hair or eyes. This is where ethnicity in fashion can really be identified.

Ethnicity expressed through fashion

Ethnic identity is a concept based around how a person dresses from their country of origin. It could derive from religion, cultures or trends. Your ethnic identity can be presented through clothing, jewelry, tattoos, hair pieces, shoes, etc. Contrary to what some may believe, your race and ethnicity have very different roles in the means of fashion. Ethnicity and your ethnic identity is not limited to clothing. For example, in many cultures tattoos serve as a right of passage, a status symbol, spiritual devotion, symbols of spirituality. An example of varying ethnic identities could be Japanese fashion culture versus Western world fashion culture. Japanese ethnic identity in the 1930’s was presented through fashion with kimonos whereas the Western world presented ethnicity in fashion through shoulder paddings, sun hats, and faux fur. Although kimonos and other cultural clothing is still worn for certain occasions in the Japanese culture, in western society on special occasions clothing choices may include formal gowns, dress suits, etc. 

It is not uncommon for people to associate certain types of clothing to specific ethnic groups. In the article Do Clothes Define Your Ethnicity? the author Arielle Hixson uses the American example of “back in the 90s, the baggy pants, long chains and Sean Jean clothing were automatically associated with hip hop music, which was mostly marketed to black individuals”. The association between clothing and ethnic identity is still relevant today, although it is not necessarily as common. The article goes into greater detail exploring the misconceptions surrounding ethnic identity and stereotypes. For example “just because a white individual may enjoy listening to punk rock doesn’t necessarily mean that he will frequent Hot Topic for his choice clothes” (Hixson paragraph 1). Society, by default, associates certain styles of clothing with specific ethnicity. 

The modernization of traditionally ethnic fashion

To pull it all together of how this topic and blog is relevant, is that ethnicity in fashion bleeds into all cultures around the world. While it is not necessarily considerate and can be cultural appropriation in instances, it still happens despite society’s disregard. An example of traditionally ethnic practices in fashion modernizing could be people receiving henna tattoos which is and was part of Egyptian ethnicity. Although it is no longer related to Egyptian culture in the Western world, it is considered a temporary expression of art on the skin. Another example could be large chains being related to hip hop music, although today large chains are common in trending fashion.

Ethnicity in fashion is all around us, despite how watered down it may be today.

The story of CTown’s Hip-Hop inspiration

The growth of an overseas Chinese hip hop artist and his very first single’s inspiration.

Intro: Me as a Chinese Hip hop artist

My name is Yaoyuan Jiang, my rap name is Chilltown. I am a part-time DJ and music producer, rapper, painter, art tutor.  prior to this program, I had just graduated from the University of Toronto Mississauga campus, the plan was to move to Bushwick new York perusing music, yet COVID had grounded me from going back to the states, so here I am, keep on doing what I love to do, and hopefully learn from every single one of you.



Chinese hip hop artist

This LOGO “Straight outta CZ” I had made yesterday, to give a little background info, so, this text at the bottom supposed to be Compton instead of CZ, which is a very rough neighborhood in West Coast LA, the infamous Hip-Hop group N.W.A had mapped Compton in the history of Hip-hop, I borrowed this idea of “A good MC has to know where he comes from”, so thxs to online image generator, they em, re-birthed my bootlegging and hip-hop career.

Anyways, CZ actually represents the city of Changzhou where I spend most of my childhood with my grandparents, a city that taught me how to live fully, and be wild and out. No doubt this is the major reason I wanted to contribute this track in my baby dialect and give back to the city.


Since last Xmas break, I have been reaching out to 3 artists, Bohan phoenix who has been mentoring me since 2017, I was his hype man for his Jiala tour in Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore, and Chengdu. He had introduced higher brothers to the label 88 rising, he’s been making music since 2007 I believe, now he’s got lots of recognition in the East coast regions, collabed with dumbfoundead, Howie lee, he was also invited as one of the judges by vans musician wanted alongside Anderson paak, JID.

Chinese hip hop artist

Bohan has taught me what it was like to not live by fear and we had a conversation about Asian representations in America,  he had told me that “this might not apply to you because u r trying to do it in China, but the whole idea of people in the states going there’s no representation in rap, in Hip-Hop for the Chinese community, I’m like, well, name me somebody that you think should be up there with Drake and Kendrick.”


Well, like he said, if you are a dope artist, not winning a grammy wouldn’t phase you, any artist before they win anything does not mean they are whack.  If you want to know more about Bohan, Go check out a great documentary on Youtube, it’s named: Bohan Phoenix: The Chinese-American Rapper Bridging East and West.


D track. I had the honor to email him briefly about hip hop and what is his take on bilingual raps. He’s been to Asia for shows, especially Vietnam, I personally think D track created a clear vision and understood how to execute brand marketing himself as an hip-hop artist out there, even though most people in Asia do not speak French besides Vietnamess second-third generations after the war. So if he was able to rock a foreign crowd, hes got something up in his sleeves, man.

Chinese hip hop artist

Last but not least dom Deshawn. Interesting to say is that I met dom on Bohan’s weekly twitch stream, so every Monday there’s this session where everyone could send in works/ideas/projects to inspire each other, throughout 6 months period of time, me and Deshawn both shared our crafts, we kind of gained this mutual respect for each other and because he been in the game pretty long so he more of a sensai to me, therefore I had the chance to ask him to be my mentor. Luckily he said yes, he had shared his struggle as an African American growing up, not going to college, fearing his inability to not live up to his music dream, things like stage anxiety in his early career, and I really absorbed his share knowledge for the past year.


Chinese hip hop artist

Me as an Chinese Hip hop artist

If we tap into my real inspiration B4 my adolescence, out of the four elements in Hip-Hop, MC and break dancing was my absolute favorite just because it’s cheaper than DJing and graffiti, but you have to understand that graffiti is a form of rebellion against the government if you’re into graffiti you have to do it without permission, so that and DJing was off the list. I remember  At that time, I was so into Hip-Hop to the point where I would save all my money and begged my mom tow hundred times for a 4-day Break dancing lesson, and my very very first inspiration was


Chinese hip hop artist

Cassie’s M and U, M and  U is an R&M song that I heard my dancing coach was practicing with, it really hit me deeply,I was like, DAMN, I have to kill it with this fire beat, I have to practice running man, crazy feet, waves, popping, all these moves. You know, Fast forward, 4 years later, I got injured, there goes my basketball and dancing career, and that’s when I moved to the states and really start getting cultured from that point on.

Chinese hip hop artist


I remember back then I was still listening to Lady Gaga until I decided to join our Tuesday lunch break freestyle battle, I would never forget this experience, and I would like to share with you, So the story goes, I was a junior at the time, it was my first cypher and a sophomore hit me with a line says “This china man’s chinky eyes reminded me of Lucy Liu, send him back with some poisoning Chinese food”, few seconds after that I was like “wow, did he really spit that”, my mind just went blank, I didn’t know what to respond, It was clearly my first and the most embarrassing and educational defeat. So I went back home and did my little research, finally waited on Pizza Tuesday where I had a chance to fire back at him, once the cypher beginned, I was so locked in, when it was my turn, I hit him with the line says “Last week your sister showed me her favorite Chinese letter tat that don’t mean jack, I tatted a free red hickey on her neck” and the crowd wasn’t expecting it and I got voted straight for homecoming king for that year. Never felt better. Biggest comeback of 2011

Chinese hip hop artist

& I remember back in the days, all my classmates were all listening to Lil Wayne’s Carter 3 album, But, I was never into artists like Lil Wayne, snoop dog, I’m not saying they aren’t OGs, its just that they passed down Hip Hop to the generation after them and my favorite artists are lyricists like J Cole, Kendrick who are all inspired by them, they translated the genre in a brand new way, but the struggle was always there in the first place, but we’re not going into the history of racial injustice today.

Culture appropriation

Another perspective is the issue of appropriation, I would like to quote what Bohan once had said, “I think it is all about intentions, people can say whatever they want, but then we talk about Wutang appropriating Asian culture way back in the 90s, they’re like damn near the first Asian rappers, like sampling elements from 36 chambers, and I love all of that, listening to that growing up does not make me feel like Wutang is appropriating my culture,

Chinese hip hop artist

all these terms like Chinese rapper, we’re all just making hip-hop music and I happen to be Chinese, you know, like what is black Shaolin? There’s no African Shaolin martial arts, they are just people practicing


Chinese hip hop artist

I have to agree on some level with him for this one, I do think if you really love something and if your intention is pure, those who love you will know.


Here is the cover that I made for my single, this is a picture of me and my cousin back in the 90s, I’m the one on the left, a little scared-ass kid who got peer pressure from my cousin, I should thank him for pushing me to climb onto the tree, this picture wouldn’t exist otherwise.


Chinese hip hop artist

My lyrics are in Wu dialect mixing with some lingo, my choice of beat is from The Fugees la, credit to these pioneers. The trailer will be out on April fools. The way I make music is always based on the beat, I wouldn’t write anything without having any beat ready.

Chinese hip hop artist

That’s it for me, hope you guys enjoyed it and

Stay true to yourself.


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The TFCA nominations highlight missing movies

I sat down yesterday night to watch the documentary everyone’s talking about, Framing Britney Spears. As a streaming subscription addict, I was confident I would be able to find it somewhere. I looked at its distributors and did the US-to-Canada mental conversion. While a US Hulu release usually spells months of delays here (see Palm Springs), its FX broadcast would surely mean that my FX Canada subscription through Teksavvy TV (yep, that’s a thing) had me covered. Alas, that uniquely Canadian feeling of missing out set in as I went from service to service in vain. Eventually I finished my popcorn and accepted that I had to wait or bend the law to join the conversation. When I saw the recent TFCA nominations, I realized this feeling would follow most of my awards-season catch-up. 

The Struggles of the Canadian Cinephile

This indulgent intro is just means to say that struggling to find talked-about movies is a common issue in Canada. With a pandemic and the fall of cinemas plaguing this awards season, reading nomination lists has become tedious. You see a bunch of titles you’ve heard a lot about but have no idea how to watch. The TFCA nominations (Toronto Film Critics Association) this past weekend were no different.

The TFCA nominations press release last Sunday announced wins in the internationally eligible categories. These include Best Film and Best Documentary, as well as Best Lead and Supporting Performances. The announcement also included nominations for Louise Archambault’s And the Birds Rained Down (Il pleuvait des oiseaux), Kazik Radwanski’s Anne at 13,000 ft, and Yonah Lewis & Calvin Thomas’ White Lie for the Rogers’ Best Canadian Film Award. The TFCA will announce the winner as part of their virtual gala on March 9th.

Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland led with three awards, winning Best Film and Best Director, as well as Best Lead Actress for Frances McDormand. But don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t caught it yet. Nomadland isn’t set to release on streaming till Feb. 19th, and even then it’s only coming to Hulu stateside. Half the awards went to movies that haven’t had a Canadian release yet, like Sundance winner Minari and the documentary Collective. On the other hand, for Best Canadian Film the nominees are all films that were part of TIFF’s lineup two years ago, although the buzziest title, Anne at 13,000 ft, still isn’t available anywhere online.

The TFCA nominations were led by Chloe Zhao's awards front runner Nomadland
Frances McDormand in the film NOMADLAND. Photo Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2020 20th Century Studios All Rights Reserved

An Awards Season for the In-Crowd

It’s just part of an awards season where you can only see films if you have access to a screener. It is worth noting the many nominations for streaming-only titles. Films like Sound of Metal and The Forty-Year-Old-Version, as well as Sundance premieres like Never Rarely Sometimes Always and First Cow, would typically be forgotten by the time awards season rolls around. The delay of prestige dramas like Spielberg’s West Side Story to late 2021 has helped open up the playing field for films like these to get big nominations. At the same time, it’s hard to get excited about an awards narrative that we’re writing in a vacuum.

As I alluded to earlier, that vacuum is nothing new, especially for Canadians. However, the pandemic has shown what a sticking point it actually is in the relationship between critics, distributors, and audiences.  The SAG, Golden Globes, and LA Film Critics Association have also nominated scarcely available content. The success of streaming services this past year won’t necessarily mean easier access to major awards content, especially Canadian content. We still have a ways to go this awards season, and maybe soon these movies will be more available. However, it will be interesting to see how much these awards will affect the Oscar nominations, announced March 15th.

Mona Lisa- Famous Masterpiece Got viral in 2020

Mona Lisa’s Masterpiece 2020Memes has gone Viral!!!

There’s also something of an optical illusion with the great Portrait Mona Lisa’s smile. At one glance, it’s clear that Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci has managed to paint an almost expressionless face. Perhaps, it is the lack of expression that gives this painting an essence of amazement. Artist usually tells a story through the characters expressions and emotions but do you think Da Vinci had intentionally avoided that emotional contagion between artist and muse? The smile is so enigmatic. I feel, it depends on the viewer’s mood at that moment, it may look if Mona Lisa is happy, surprise, sad or confused? But 2020memes of Mona Lisa has covered her face with mask.

How 2020 Memes of Mona Lisa is creating Buzz on internet??

Over 500 years old, Mona Lisa has continued to remain relevant in today’s time also. How? 2020 meme of Mona Lisa!! Now a days, 2020memes of Mona Lisa are viral on social media. Internet is flooded with funny, witty, silly and insane memes. The famous painting of Mona Lisa has been modified to show her sitting wearing mask and gloves holding sanitizer in her hand. It shows the Mona Lisa, edited to present Covid19 situation and she has quarantined herself from visitors in museum. The constant reproduction of paintings and sculptures allow modern audience to get closer to art as museums are closed and everyone is quarantined  but it also danger the ‘aura’ i.e. the particular power of the work when manipulated in real life. But it seems she is having her first vacation after so many years. Also meme is one of the best and trending ways to create awareness in Covid19 and to communicate visually across the world. the picture below is the famous 2020 meme of Mona Lisa.

This masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, is one of my favorite paintings. Today many of the artists try to create their own Mona Lisa and to find meaning in their paintings. Every artist wants to achieve name and fame just like Da Vinci.

Do You Know Why the Great Portrait Mona Lisa is the Most Famous Masterpiece Painting?

Spotify: A future aquisition?

With it’s huge market share and value, is Spotify at a risk to be acquired?

Spotify Logo with black background

“Spotify’s owner is worth something like 3 billion dollars… he’s richer than Paul McCartney and he’s 30 and he’s never written a song.”

-Patrick Carney

Spotify, our beloved listening platform, has had quite an interesting growth. From launching in 2008 from its humble origins, the application has become the default listening platform for music streaming for majority of the world. The growth trajectory can be summed up in one word: Unprecedented. From being just another listening service in the list which included heavy hitters like Google Play Music and Apple Music, Spotify has grown to overcome them all and has continued to dominate them all. In light of this, this growth leads to an important question: Is Spotify’s future an acquisition as well?

What’s so special about Spotify anyway? 

Firstly, the business model, the advertising and the customer reach, all of these qualities contributed to the spectacular growth that has made Spotify into a billion dollar company. It has a market cap of $64 billion dollars. In addition, the freemium model utilized by the platform has been the major source of user growth. Even more so in a competitive and crowded market space inhabited by billion dollar companies. Secondly, by an efficient combination of contract deals with record companies, innovative business strategies and a relentless push, Spotify has become a phenomenon for people all around the world and a thorn in the side of the billion dollar industries.

Growth: An invitation for buyouts

Anyone remembers what happened between Google and Youtube in the early days of internet? Google was trying to build a video viewing and sharing service. It was aiming to lock down that area of internet. Youtube was just starting out and started to give tough competition to Google. As luck would have it, Youtube started to become more popular. Google could not keep up with the competition. It bought Youtube out and the rest is history. This buying out of competition has been prevalent in the tech industry from a long time. We all know Apple did it, for instance. Microsoft did it too. Is this a likely outcome for Spotify too?

 “Growth is good. Owning that growth is better” 

Initially, if you take a look at the growth of Spotify, you would understand the option of buying out Spotify appears to grow lucrative. However, this is because it would not only effectively put them out of competition against yourself but also enable you to partake in that growth yourself. Put yourself in those shoes and you begin to wonder if you would make the same decision.

A phone displaying Spotify logo.

Spotify Future: Go the Facebook way or the Whatsapp way?

Whatsapp, the service that replaced the text message service. It has pretty much become synonymous with having an email address. The platform itself was a great success. Mark Zuckerberg’s famous I Spy tool, Facebook bought it out. Facebook never sold itself and became a billion dollar company itself. Moreover, Facebook is now a worthy competitor in the tech field.

Spotify must find itself in the same situation as Whatsapp. Incredible growth and a market changer platform. Therefore, Spotify must be getting many offers too. It would bring it out of the competition. The Spotify execs could feel tempted to accept some offers. After all, this would dictate terms of Spotify future.

Is a future acquisition more likely?

On its own Spotify has achieved a tremendous amount of success. With the launch of podcasts, Spotify is now preparing to be the go-to platform for podcasts. Lastly Spotify is in a very good position with the recent launch in Russia going quite well. In other words, Spotify is in no mood to let go of its ground.


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party JOLLOF

Best Places to buy party JOLLOF downtown

Party JOLLOF is a fundamental part of every Nigerian occasion. One does not simply have a party without serving JOLLOF rice to their guests. However, not all of us have the time or resources to get that firewood effect at home. Do not despair! I have found the top three spots to get them in Canada that will teleport your guests to a local kitchen in your hometown.

Mummy’s Afro – SMOKING PARTY JOLLOF rice

party JOLLOF rice served in an iron skillet

Mummy’s Afro. Once you walk in, it literally feels like you’re going to visit your favourite aunty who always has food for you. If you want a more home-like feel but bottom pot party jollof taste. Mummy’s Afro is the best place to go.

African Village,Toronto- Eastern party JOLLOF rice

Overhead view of NKWOBI party JOLLOF served with sage leaves

If you’re from the eastern part of Nigeria, or you have a strong love for NWKOBI, then this would be a match made in heaven. This is a wedding recipe that is just too finger licking good.

You don’t have to wait for anyone to propose just order this dish already!

The j-spot

One pot party JOLLOF rice served with bay leaves and sage leaves in a yellow bowl

If you’re looking for a healthier version of this dish go to the j-spot! Instead of using palm oil and butter they cook with little to no oil. However, don’t be scared, it is still as delicious as the decadent version! It is also vegan and gluten friendly.


I know some of you have checked out these restaurants and have gone crazy! Yes they are so expensive because they are exotic dishes. Do not be dismayed, I am here for you. You can easily cook these recipes at home. You just have to be patient and plan properly. I highly recommend you watch this to cook the perfect party Jollof rice at home.


Thank you so much guys for always supporting my blog. I’m always here for you to help you discover exotic recipes in Toronto,Canada. Please reach out and let me know what country or region that you want me to feature recipes from.


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this Netflix review here







Outlook for the next-generation games in 2021

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and a critical turning point for the games industry. Then let’s take a guess what will be the next-generation games in 2021?

As a mass media, next-generation games in 2021 will participate more deeply in the pan-politicized world.

Whether or not those in charge of defining mass media like it or not, games have proven themselves have the same impact on the scale as radio, television, and newspapers. This influence lies not only in games as works of art themselves but also in the fact that there is a large community attached to games.

High-performance mobile games

With several major game production companies digging deep into the ACT and FPS genres, mobile game’s multiplayer performance approaches the level of console games from the PS3 era.

More importantly, the demand for quality and the birth of a new division of labour, planning more and more directly involved in creating content, the core skills from Word and Excel to scripts, blueprints. Part of the planning has its design, own construction, own testing, and contribution to the complete module’s ability. It is a significant milestone for next-generation games in 2021. The game industry’s future can try to touch the actual industrialization of the 3A single machine threshold, which is to rely on such a group of people. A planning team that could only plan and not build a pixel-level copy of 3A would have been impossible until then.

However, from the perspective of market and audience, there is an upper limit to mobile games’ high quality, called interaction efficiency. At a certain point, the mobile game demands energy and concentration. Why don’t people play the game with a gamepad or on other platforms? The idea of connecting a mobile phone to a joy-con is also unrealistic. In terms of next-generation games in 2021, most portable game players would like to stay in their comfort zone and get back to their original purpose of playing, killing time. A small number have evolved upwards to embrace platforms that can host core games.

Old Game Renaissance, but a flash in the pan

We speak of the feelings of old games as well as the classical Internet’s feelings: sharing, mutual assistance, the second identity of people. People cautiously probed the person on the other end of the network cable, repeatedly confirming that the other party is the same species as themselves.

Online games had a powerful purpose in the past: to build a utopia separated from the real world. It connect people more closely, everyone for me, me for everyone.

Whether it is Phantasy Star or the WOW 1.X version, they all have a healthy online people’s commune nature. In these 15 years, the Internet has brought about the explosive and efficient exchange of benefits. Players need more and more time and experience to complete the content of the game. If they cannot complete it, they hire boosters. And these boosters sometimes do not meet the task manually and can only hand it over to the plug-in. In the face of plug-ins, the game’s growth system appears to be frail. Therefore, numerical planning has become one of the benchmarks for industry judgment. The meaning of society in MMORPG is dead, and the MMORPG is dead.

Final Fantasy 14

The world’s trend is mighty, and those who obey will prosper, and those who contradict will die. We can resurrect old games, but we cannot restore the classical Internet. The result of forced resurrection is nothing more than to prove that they are no longer suitable for this version. If people want to experience the network commune, they might as well try Final Fantasy 14.


Netflix’s Kid Cosmic

Netflix’s Kid Cosmic

In Feb 2, 2021 Netflix released a new entry to join the ranks of their roster of original animated shows. Netflix’s Kid Cosmic follows a young boy named Kid who discovers five stones that can grant unique powers. Kid Cosmic is the latest creation of cartoon legend Craig McCracken, creator of the Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Wander Over Yonder. The show is based on a comic strip that Craig had made, and the show retains that classic comic strip art style. Having grown up with comics like Calvin and Hobbes that greatly pleased me. Check out the trailer.

Netflix's Kid Cosmic
Property of Netflix


The show is about Kid discovering five stones that come from a space ship that crash landed on Earth. Kid immediately assumes that they have power, which he’s correct, and goes telling everyone that he’s going to become a superhero. He ends up forming a team and gives everyone a ring. The team consists of Kid who can fly, Jo who can make portals, Rosa who can become giant, Papa G who can multiply, and Tuna Sandwich, a cat that can see the future. As the series progresses Kid struggles with being and feeling like a real hero while he faces alien invaders who desire the stones.

The Characters

The main characters are likeable and the story structure was alright. However, I did have a problem with Kid. In the beginning he is obsessed with being a hero. He wasn’t very likeable in most of the show but that was to set up the growth that he would go through. There were times when he was selfish and annoying, but I never hated him for it. Without spoiling too much, Kid goes through the series worrying about being a hero and how things never go his way. At the end he understands that he doesn’t have to be the leader or even a great hero. Although I didn’t love him, Kid was not an irritating protagonist and I’m sure that this growth was needed seeing as the show is planned to have 2 more seasons. Unfortunately, Kid is the only character that was developed in the show. Jo gets a bit of setup early on with the desire to travel but it’s not explored much. Her character is defined as the responsible one who watches over Kid, more so really than his actual guardian. His guardian, Papa G, doesn’t get much focus. He is an open minded individual who really cares for Kid. Rosa, the little 4 year old, doesn’t get much attention and Tuna Sandwich the cat gets roughly an episode to show case his bond with Kid. The characters aren’t flat and I do love Rosa, she’s adorable, but the season does focus mostly on Kid. You can argue that there is a focus on some characters and that it is spaced out, but they feel more like learning moments than actual development.

The Art Style

As mentioned above the show has a nice comic art style. The style resembles a combination of different comics that you might see on the Sunday newspaper. The style isn’t jarring and a good portion of the combination is seen from the aliens to distinguish what is from earth and what isn’t. The characters from earth are rather simplistic but the backgrounds can be quite detailed. Another aspect I love is how fluid the show is in art direction. It’s not inconsistent but rather it isn’t afraid to change things up to express their location and mood.

The References

There are a lot of references that people can draw from this show. The first and most obvious are the power rings. Very likely a reference to Captain Planet and the five power rings that summon him. One aspect of the five rings does change near the end of the season, but the fact that they start at five very likely references Captain Planet. Kid’s comics look just like classic Marvel comics and so are the panels in them. Later in the season we are introduced to a team called the Earth Force Enforcement Force, a team of armoured heroes from different countries from around the world. The heroes are red, blue, green, yellow, and pink. The team are clearly a reference to the power rangers and many of their actions are clear references to them.

Netflix’s Kid Cosmic Review Conclusion

The show is great with a lot of entertaining and funny moments and I definitely encourage people to check it out. It’s not a masterpiece but is definitely getting a rewatch or two from me. I look forward to the next season titled Kid Cosmic and the Intergalactic Truckstop.



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How Clubhouse App influences photography industry ?

Have you often heard “Do you have an invitation code for Clubhouse” recently? Clubhouse – A New Social Network for photographer is coming!

Clubhouse is a new type of audio-only and live-only social network APP. When you open the Clubhouse, you can see a room full of people talking. All rooms are open, so you can jump in and out to explore the difference Topic. You enter each room as a listener, but if you want to speak, just raise your hand, and the speaker can choose to invite you up. Or you can create your own room. Here, you can meet with friends and new friends from all over the world, tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics. In my opinion, Clubhouse is a great social network for photographers.

You may think it is just an app that allows people working from home to pass the time during COVID-19. As a photographer, I want to say that it brings new energy to the photography industry. I think this is a very good creative industry marketing tool and experience learning tool.

First of all, this is undoubtedly a valuable learning platform. You can join different “Rooms” to meet people from all over the world. I am often attracted to the social rooms of photographers, models, makeup artists, and stylists. I once joined a Portfolio Review room and I gained a lot of feedback from it. One of the well-known photographers with 500k followers on INS made me excited about my suggestion. 

Yes, I am chatting with these people I expect to know like old friends. Many photographers like to share their experiences in the room, such as how to set the price, how to start their own Freelance, how to contact the Agency, how to cooperate with the brand for advertising shooting. Almost everyone will respond to your questions seriously. Clubhouse brings a new social network to photographers. 

In addition, you can click to view the speaker and listener Bio in the room, where Instagram is the main platform for the connection. If you are interested in the user in the room, you can follow his IG directly. I tracked each other with about 50 photographers/models/makeup artists in a week, and I often shared inspiration for their works with a few of them. It is also a very good opportunity to link up. Some photographers and models often find that they are both in the same city and appreciate each other’s work so that they can contact for subsequent shooting cooperation.

Why is this also a marketing tool?

Because there are many potential customers on this App. There are many influencers in Clubhouse, and they have a lot of demand for photography. I have also met some influencers who are interested in our works in many photography clubs. Many influential people are always looking for photographers who can help them build their own portfolios, so this community also gives them a platform to find suitable photographers.

All in all, as a photographer I have gained a lot of benefits from Clubhouse. I am happy to chat freely with other people on this platform and get to know more potential clients.

Social Distanced Entertainment Toronto

Social Distanced Entertainment Toronto

There are still ways to experience fun, social distanced entertainment in Toronto! I have put together a few of the best.

Amusement with Distance

We have seen so many across the globe locked down at home in 2020 and 2021. People will be looking for new ways to be entertained outside of their homes once things open up again. I am interested in mixed reality technologies; they are developing and improving at rapid speed. The pandemic has only helped to amplify the demand. Entertainment companies, event planners, and experiential attractions have had to pivot, bringing health and safety to the forefront of their priorities of the user experience. Technology has provided us with quarantine activities to enjoy from the safety of our homes, cars, and even in-person with special protocols and social distancing for customers.

Social Distanced Entertainment: Fun for Kids and Adults in Toronto

We have all spent too much time at home this year, especially the kids. Parents need a way to let the kids get some energy out and teens and young adults need ways to socialize in a safe manner. So many attractions have been geared towards kids and families, but there are plenty of options for adults too. We all can’t wait to have things back to normal, there is no doubt. We want to head out into the world for some fun with our friends and family. Here are some of the top social distanced entertainment in Toronto, until that time comes.

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Top Entertainment Toronto

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Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit in Toronto – this experience allows visitors to immerse themselves into the world of Van Gogh. There are options to drive-thru or walk. The exhibit was a huge success in Paris and is now travelling to various locations in North America, including Toronto and Chicago. Masks are required, of course, and huge circles on the floor give a visual guideline for social distance. You need to book an appointment time on the website. Make sure to double-check to make sure it is open; the exhibit strictly adheres to Ontario provincial rules for when it can safely open.

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The Bogey Ogre Mixed Reality Attraction

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Bogey Ogres Mixed Reality Attraction in Toronto’s Stackt Market – this was a family-friendly carnival game with an emphasis on gross humour. Participants were able to book an appointment, with only two people allowed into the shipping container at a time. After every visit, sanitation protocols were strictly followed. The experience was meant to be silly and fun; a break from the seriousness of the pandemic and the stress that kids are feeling. The attraction ran in October in Toronto and then headed off to travel New Zealand.

Social Distanced Ways to Have Fun

social distanced entertainment Toronto
City View Drive-In

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Concerts at City View Drive-In – You can enjoy a concert (or a movie!) by your favorite artist from the safety of your car while you enjoy a gorgeous view of the Toronto Skyline. You can bring your own food and there is also a food ordering service (just no booze). You can bring kids under 16 as long as they are accompanied by an adult (which should be a relatively easy rule to follow given you must be 16 to drive).  The artists that have played here include Glass Tiger, deadmau5 and A Tribe Called Red. When the province opens up again the listings will be updated. This is one of the best ways to experience social distanced entertainment in Toronto!

Cultural Tours – If you feel safer being entertained from home then there are plenty of museums, art galleries, and architectural exhibits that are available for enjoyment online. Check out The Met 360 Project; it’s a series of YouTube videos that allow a safe, immersive tour of the galleries from your sofa. And if you happen to have an Oculus Quest 2 and are looking for a way to get out into the world then check out Nature Treks VR. It’s a stunning way to get in touch with the natural world and is meant to be a chill experience.

Personal Bubble Entertainment

We will all continue to look for safe experiences that are entertaining and provide ways to stay social distanced, at least the next few months. This summer in Toronto will likely see more ways to have fun during these restrictive Covid-19 times that provide entertainment for all ages and get kids and adults out of the house – or continue to have new experiences right from the couch!

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