Mona Lisa- Famous Masterpiece Got viral in 2020

Mona Lisa’s Masterpiece 2020Memes has gone Viral!!!

There’s also something of an optical illusion with the great Portrait Mona Lisa’s smile. At one glance, it’s clear that Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci has managed to paint an almost expressionless face. Perhaps, it is the lack of expression that gives this painting an essence of amazement. Artist usually tells a story through the characters expressions and emotions but do you think Da Vinci had intentionally avoided that emotional contagion between artist and muse? The smile is so enigmatic. I feel, it depends on the viewer’s mood at that moment, it may look if Mona Lisa is happy, surprise, sad or confused? But 2020memes of Mona Lisa has covered her face with mask.

How 2020 Memes of Mona Lisa is creating Buzz on internet??

Over 500 years old, Mona Lisa has continued to remain relevant in today’s time also. How? 2020 meme of Mona Lisa!! Now a days, 2020memes of Mona Lisa are viral on social media. Internet is flooded with funny, witty, silly and insane memes. The famous painting of Mona Lisa has been modified to show her sitting wearing mask and gloves holding sanitizer in her hand. It shows the Mona Lisa, edited to present Covid19 situation and she has quarantined herself from visitors in museum. The constant reproduction of paintings and sculptures allow modern audience to get closer to art as museums are closed and everyone is quarantined  but it also danger the ‘aura’ i.e. the particular power of the work when manipulated in real life. But it seems she is having her first vacation after so many years. Also meme is one of the best and trending ways to create awareness in Covid19 and to communicate visually across the world. the picture below is the famous 2020 meme of Mona Lisa.

This masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci, is one of my favorite paintings. Today many of the artists try to create their own Mona Lisa and to find meaning in their paintings. Every artist wants to achieve name and fame just like Da Vinci.

Do You Know Why the Great Portrait Mona Lisa is the Most Famous Masterpiece Painting?

Spotify: A future aquisition?

With it’s huge market share and value, is Spotify at a risk to be acquired?

Spotify Logo with black background

“Spotify’s owner is worth something like 3 billion dollars… he’s richer than Paul McCartney and he’s 30 and he’s never written a song.”

-Patrick Carney

Spotify, our beloved listening platform, has had quite an interesting growth. From launching in 2008 from its humble origins, the application has become the default listening platform for music streaming for majority of the world. The growth trajectory can be summed up in one word: Unprecedented. From being just another listening service in the list which included heavy hitters like Google Play Music and Apple Music, Spotify has grown to overcome them all and has continued to dominate them all. In light of this, this growth leads to an important question: Is Spotify’s future an acquisition as well?

What’s so special about Spotify anyway? 

Firstly, the business model, the advertising and the customer reach, all of these qualities contributed to the spectacular growth that has made Spotify into a billion dollar company. It has a market cap of $64 billion dollars. In addition, the freemium model utilized by the platform has been the major source of user growth. Even more so in a competitive and crowded market space inhabited by billion dollar companies. Secondly, by an efficient combination of contract deals with record companies, innovative business strategies and a relentless push, Spotify has become a phenomenon for people all around the world and a thorn in the side of the billion dollar industries.

Growth: An invitation for buyouts

Anyone remembers what happened between Google and Youtube in the early days of internet? Google was trying to build a video viewing and sharing service. It was aiming to lock down that area of internet. Youtube was just starting out and started to give tough competition to Google. As luck would have it, Youtube started to become more popular. Google could not keep up with the competition. It bought Youtube out and the rest is history. This buying out of competition has been prevalent in the tech industry from a long time. We all know Apple did it, for instance. Microsoft did it too. Is this a likely outcome for Spotify too?

 “Growth is good. Owning that growth is better” 

Initially, if you take a look at the growth of Spotify, you would understand the option of buying out Spotify appears to grow lucrative. However, this is because it would not only effectively put them out of competition against yourself but also enable you to partake in that growth yourself. Put yourself in those shoes and you begin to wonder if you would make the same decision.

A phone displaying Spotify logo.

Spotify Future: Go the Facebook way or the Whatsapp way?

Whatsapp, the service that replaced the text message service. It has pretty much become synonymous with having an email address. The platform itself was a great success. Mark Zuckerberg’s famous I Spy tool, Facebook bought it out. Facebook never sold itself and became a billion dollar company itself. Moreover, Facebook is now a worthy competitor in the tech field.

Spotify must find itself in the same situation as Whatsapp. Incredible growth and a market changer platform. Therefore, Spotify must be getting many offers too. It would bring it out of the competition. The Spotify execs could feel tempted to accept some offers. After all, this would dictate terms of Spotify future.

Is a future acquisition more likely?

On its own Spotify has achieved a tremendous amount of success. With the launch of podcasts, Spotify is now preparing to be the go-to platform for podcasts. Lastly Spotify is in a very good position with the recent launch in Russia going quite well. In other words, Spotify is in no mood to let go of its ground.


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party JOLLOF

Best Places to buy party JOLLOF downtown

Party JOLLOF is a fundamental part of every Nigerian occasion. One does not simply have a party without serving JOLLOF rice to their guests. However, not all of us have the time or resources to get that firewood effect at home. Do not despair! I have found the top three spots to get them in Canada that will teleport your guests to a local kitchen in your hometown.

Mummy’s Afro – SMOKING PARTY JOLLOF rice

party JOLLOF rice served in an iron skillet

Mummy’s Afro. Once you walk in, it literally feels like you’re going to visit your favourite aunty who always has food for you. If you want a more home-like feel but bottom pot party jollof taste. Mummy’s Afro is the best place to go.

African Village,Toronto- Eastern party JOLLOF rice

Overhead view of NKWOBI party JOLLOF served with sage leaves

If you’re from the eastern part of Nigeria, or you have a strong love for NWKOBI, then this would be a match made in heaven. This is a wedding recipe that is just too finger licking good.

You don’t have to wait for anyone to propose just order this dish already!

The j-spot

One pot party JOLLOF rice served with bay leaves and sage leaves in a yellow bowl

If you’re looking for a healthier version of this dish go to the j-spot! Instead of using palm oil and butter they cook with little to no oil. However, don’t be scared, it is still as delicious as the decadent version! It is also vegan and gluten friendly.


I know some of you have checked out these restaurants and have gone crazy! Yes they are so expensive because they are exotic dishes. Do not be dismayed, I am here for you. You can easily cook these recipes at home. You just have to be patient and plan properly. I highly recommend you watch this to cook the perfect party Jollof rice at home.


Thank you so much guys for always supporting my blog. I’m always here for you to help you discover exotic recipes in Toronto,Canada. Please reach out and let me know what country or region that you want me to feature recipes from.


Looking for the best Netflix film to watch while you eat your jollof rice? Check out

this Netflix review here







Outlook for the next-generation games in 2021

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and a critical turning point for the games industry. Then let’s take a guess what will be the next-generation games in 2021?

As a mass media, next-generation games in 2021 will participate more deeply in the pan-politicized world.

Whether or not those in charge of defining mass media like it or not, games have proven themselves have the same impact on the scale as radio, television, and newspapers. This influence lies not only in games as works of art themselves but also in the fact that there is a large community attached to games.

High-performance mobile games

With several major game production companies digging deep into the ACT and FPS genres, mobile game’s multiplayer performance approaches the level of console games from the PS3 era.

More importantly, the demand for quality and the birth of a new division of labour, planning more and more directly involved in creating content, the core skills from Word and Excel to scripts, blueprints. Part of the planning has its design, own construction, own testing, and contribution to the complete module’s ability. It is a significant milestone for next-generation games in 2021. The game industry’s future can try to touch the actual industrialization of the 3A single machine threshold, which is to rely on such a group of people. A planning team that could only plan and not build a pixel-level copy of 3A would have been impossible until then.

However, from the perspective of market and audience, there is an upper limit to mobile games’ high quality, called interaction efficiency. At a certain point, the mobile game demands energy and concentration. Why don’t people play the game with a gamepad or on other platforms? The idea of connecting a mobile phone to a joy-con is also unrealistic. In terms of next-generation games in 2021, most portable game players would like to stay in their comfort zone and get back to their original purpose of playing, killing time. A small number have evolved upwards to embrace platforms that can host core games.

Old Game Renaissance, but a flash in the pan

We speak of the feelings of old games as well as the classical Internet’s feelings: sharing, mutual assistance, the second identity of people. People cautiously probed the person on the other end of the network cable, repeatedly confirming that the other party is the same species as themselves.

Online games had a powerful purpose in the past: to build a utopia separated from the real world. It connect people more closely, everyone for me, me for everyone.

Whether it is Phantasy Star or the WOW 1.X version, they all have a healthy online people’s commune nature. In these 15 years, the Internet has brought about the explosive and efficient exchange of benefits. Players need more and more time and experience to complete the content of the game. If they cannot complete it, they hire boosters. And these boosters sometimes do not meet the task manually and can only hand it over to the plug-in. In the face of plug-ins, the game’s growth system appears to be frail. Therefore, numerical planning has become one of the benchmarks for industry judgment. The meaning of society in MMORPG is dead, and the MMORPG is dead.

Final Fantasy 14

The world’s trend is mighty, and those who obey will prosper, and those who contradict will die. We can resurrect old games, but we cannot restore the classical Internet. The result of forced resurrection is nothing more than to prove that they are no longer suitable for this version. If people want to experience the network commune, they might as well try Final Fantasy 14.


How Clubhouse App influences photography industry ?

Have you often heard “Do you have an invitation code for Clubhouse” recently? Clubhouse – A New Social Network for photographer is coming!

Clubhouse is a new type of audio-only and live-only social network APP. When you open the Clubhouse, you can see a room full of people talking. All rooms are open, so you can jump in and out to explore the difference Topic. You enter each room as a listener, but if you want to speak, just raise your hand, and the speaker can choose to invite you up. Or you can create your own room. Here, you can meet with friends and new friends from all over the world, tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics. In my opinion, Clubhouse is a great social network for photographers.

You may think it is just an app that allows people working from home to pass the time during COVID-19. As a photographer, I want to say that it brings new energy to the photography industry. I think this is a very good creative industry marketing tool and experience learning tool.

First of all, this is undoubtedly a valuable learning platform. You can join different “Rooms” to meet people from all over the world. I am often attracted to the social rooms of photographers, models, makeup artists, and stylists. I once joined a Portfolio Review room and I gained a lot of feedback from it. One of the well-known photographers with 500k followers on INS made me excited about my suggestion. 

Yes, I am chatting with these people I expect to know like old friends. Many photographers like to share their experiences in the room, such as how to set the price, how to start their own Freelance, how to contact the Agency, how to cooperate with the brand for advertising shooting. Almost everyone will respond to your questions seriously. Clubhouse brings a new social network to photographers. 

In addition, you can click to view the speaker and listener Bio in the room, where Instagram is the main platform for the connection. If you are interested in the user in the room, you can follow his IG directly. I tracked each other with about 50 photographers/models/makeup artists in a week, and I often shared inspiration for their works with a few of them. It is also a very good opportunity to link up. Some photographers and models often find that they are both in the same city and appreciate each other’s work so that they can contact for subsequent shooting cooperation.

Why is this also a marketing tool?

Because there are many potential customers on this App. There are many influencers in Clubhouse, and they have a lot of demand for photography. I have also met some influencers who are interested in our works in many photography clubs. Many influential people are always looking for photographers who can help them build their own portfolios, so this community also gives them a platform to find suitable photographers.

All in all, as a photographer I have gained a lot of benefits from Clubhouse. I am happy to chat freely with other people on this platform and get to know more potential clients.