How Clubhouse App influences photography industry ?

Have you often heard “Do you have an invitation code for Clubhouse” recently? Clubhouse – A New Social Network for photographer is coming!

Clubhouse is a new type of audio-only and live-only social network APP. When you open the Clubhouse, you can see a room full of people talking. All rooms are open, so you can jump in and out to explore the difference Topic. You enter each room as a listener, but if you want to speak, just raise your hand, and the speaker can choose to invite you up. Or you can create your own room. Here, you can meet with friends and new friends from all over the world, tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics. In my opinion, Clubhouse is a great social network for photographers.

You may think it is just an app that allows people working from home to pass the time during COVID-19. As a photographer, I want to say that it brings new energy to the photography industry. I think this is a very good creative industry marketing tool and experience learning tool.

First of all, this is undoubtedly a valuable learning platform. You can join different “Rooms” to meet people from all over the world. I am often attracted to the social rooms of photographers, models, makeup artists, and stylists. I once joined a Portfolio Review room and I gained a lot of feedback from it. One of the well-known photographers with 500k followers on INS made me excited about my suggestion. 

Yes, I am chatting with these people I expect to know like old friends. Many photographers like to share their experiences in the room, such as how to set the price, how to start their own Freelance, how to contact the Agency, how to cooperate with the brand for advertising shooting. Almost everyone will respond to your questions seriously. Clubhouse brings a new social network to photographers. 

In addition, you can click to view the speaker and listener Bio in the room, where Instagram is the main platform for the connection. If you are interested in the user in the room, you can follow his IG directly. I tracked each other with about 50 photographers/models/makeup artists in a week, and I often shared inspiration for their works with a few of them. It is also a very good opportunity to link up. Some photographers and models often find that they are both in the same city and appreciate each other’s work so that they can contact for subsequent shooting cooperation.

Why is this also a marketing tool?

Because there are many potential customers on this App. There are many influencers in Clubhouse, and they have a lot of demand for photography. I have also met some influencers who are interested in our works in many photography clubs. Many influential people are always looking for photographers who can help them build their own portfolios, so this community also gives them a platform to find suitable photographers.

All in all, as a photographer I have gained a lot of benefits from Clubhouse. I am happy to chat freely with other people on this platform and get to know more potential clients.