party JOLLOF

Best Places to buy party JOLLOF downtown

Party JOLLOF is a fundamental part of every Nigerian occasion. One does not simply have a party without serving JOLLOF rice to their guests. However, not all of us have the time or resources to get that firewood effect at home. Do not despair! I have found the top three spots to get them in Canada that will teleport your guests to a local kitchen in your hometown.

Mummy’s Afro – SMOKING PARTY JOLLOF rice

party JOLLOF rice served in an iron skillet

Mummy’s Afro. Once you walk in, it literally feels like you’re going to visit your favourite aunty who always has food for you. If you want a more home-like feel but bottom pot party jollof taste. Mummy’s Afro is the best place to go.

African Village,Toronto- Eastern party JOLLOF rice

Overhead view of NKWOBI party JOLLOF served with sage leaves

If you’re from the eastern part of Nigeria, or you have a strong love for NWKOBI, then this would be a match made in heaven. This is a wedding recipe that is just too finger licking good.

You don’t have to wait for anyone to propose just order this dish already!

The j-spot

One pot party JOLLOF rice served with bay leaves and sage leaves in a yellow bowl

If you’re looking for a healthier version of this dish go to the j-spot! Instead of using palm oil and butter they cook with little to no oil. However, don’t be scared, it is still as delicious as the decadent version! It is also vegan and gluten friendly.


I know some of you have checked out these restaurants and have gone crazy! Yes they are so expensive because they are exotic dishes. Do not be dismayed, I am here for you. You can easily cook these recipes at home. You just have to be patient and plan properly. I highly recommend you watch this to cook the perfect party Jollof rice at home.


Thank you so much guys for always supporting my blog. I’m always here for you to help you discover exotic recipes in Toronto,Canada. Please reach out and let me know what country or region that you want me to feature recipes from.


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