Experience the Italian fine dine at PSB Café.

Busy Serving the best of woodfired pizzas with the best of ingredients.

We are glad to offer a new Italian fine dine experience at the Sheridan’s PSB Café.

Our new Woodfired Pizza comes with the best of the ingredients. It is made with 100% fresh vegetables and meat options in an authentic wood oven. Get your own choice of pizza with our wood ovens, chefs, live cooking demonstrations to add to the fun and excitement! Our Café would be amongst the first in the neighborhood to provide a in house experience of the local pizzerias of Italy. Imagine sitting in the local café on the streets in Naples with your friends and family taking a bite from the delicious, scrumptious slightly char-grilled pizza. That too baked in your own wood fired oven with adding a smoky flavor to the gourmet. This is exactly what we strive to provide our customers with the best italian fine dine experience.

Why Choose Us over the other Pizza Options.

No Additional cost over the normal pizza, then why not woodfired gourmet?? Our key motive is to provide a cheap option for the customers over the pricey Italian fine dine restaurants. At the start we would only be providing dine in option for the customers. Furthermore, in the upcoming two months we will also come up with the take-away option as well introduce the authentic pasta options. With this we will also come up with the combo offer for the customers. Our promotions focus on to grab a large customer base by attracting them with the cheaper option to fine dine with the authentic taste straight from Naples.We offer a variety of Pizza Options at our fine dine.

This offer is not only a great attraction for the students at the Sheridan campuses but also for the people. Thus, it enhances to establish the PSB Café as a brand. At this point of time fine dining restaurants are really expensive and not at all pocket friendly. So we at PSB café will introduce very reduced price of the pizza. Woodfire pizza is expensive at the overall market so by introducing the same thing with a less price will attract a lot of customers in the market. This will help the café to increase more profits and expand their business in the coming future.

How we promote our Italian fine dine.

There are a lot of promotion done for this launching because woodfire pizza is something which everyone likes. Therefore, at PSB café we target the whole market as everyone likes it. Promotions like flyers, bus banners, radio advertisement and local TV advertising will be done. Promotion will need a lot of money in the beginning. A lot of coupons and gift cards are offered to customers who come to dine-in. The lucky draws are selected every last date of the month. This will help to motivate the customers to stick to the PSB.

 Enjoy you fine dining with authentic wood-fired pizza with your partner.

You cannot get a better deal than this !

Overall, it is a Mega deal for the customers who are health conscious,cost savers with no compromise with the taste. This will be a huge success because our promotions not only focus on the Sheridan students. Rather we also focus the general public by providing them with such a good alternative. Wood oven pizzas take less time to cook than the general pizzas at the dominos or Pizza Pizza. It would be a good option for a quick food preference over the others. This would help the PSB Café to uplift their brand in the restaurant industry and be competitive. We guarantee you cannot get a better deal than this so don’t wait to experience our amazing hospitality. We welcome your presence at our all new PSB Café and experience the Italian fine dine.



Pizza combo by PSB Cafe 

Pizza combo offer by PSB Cafe

Our new launched pizza combo offer will  get free sides with options of onion rings, chicken wings, fries or chips & one pop.

We have launched a new offer at our PSB café for pizza combo where customers will get free sides with options of onion rings, chicken wings, fries or chips & one pop. Customers can choose one side in the given option list also the customer has an option to customize their own pizza where everyone can decide; pizza base they need and also all the topping with an option of deciding the quantity of the toppings. Also, customers who need to buy more healthy pizza with high proteins and fewer carbs, they will be provided; a lot of students are fitness freaks with used to working out every day. PSB café will also introduce the same offers for takeaways and deliveries; by registering themselves and food delivery partners. The best part about this offer is that customers don’t need to pay extra for all the above explained additional items.

Motive of Pizza combo

The motive for this offer is to make it convenient for the customer; spend less from their pocket and also get a variety of pizza combo choices with free sides and pop.  Also, the main reason to come up with this kind of offer because Sheridan college is too close to our outlet of PSB café students cannot and do not spend a lot of money on food. Now after this offer has been launched by PSB café.  Moreover, a lot of students in the college will be interested to grab this amazing offer. The unique part about our café will offer a lot of various options with customers spending a lot less; than what they used to spend on a normal pizza café in the market.

Promotion on digital platforms will be performed to create awareness in the market and attract customers towards the café also there will be a lot of coupons distributed to customers who have registered themselves with us by giving in their email id. Coupons will be emailed to the customers. Promotions on radio advertisements and bus banners will be done; which will not need a lot of money for pizza combo offer in PSB café.


The offer will not have a deadline for the end. PSB café will keep this offer in the market for a longer period. This will have a huge positive impact on the sales of PSB café which helps them to generate more revenue. If there is a good response in order to this offer; one more offer will be introduced which will be when the customer has a login account registered with us.  When they buy 6 pizza combo offer from PSB café; with using the same account, you will be given then 7th pizza absolutely free.

This will encourage the customers to be more brand loyal towards the brand; which will result in an increase in the market share in the market and will show great results to PSB café in terms of profits. PSB café will never negotiate for serving the best quality to satisfy the customer’s needs and want; which will help the store in future for creating brand loyal customers in the market.

It will be an amazing offer for all the customer as they will end up saving a lot in PSB café; with this, it will be very helpful for the café to generate high revenue sales and in the coming future. PSB can set more stores in the city, which can help them expand their business on a larger scale to compete with big pizza brand; who already has acquired a good market share in the market.

Please click the link below for campus locations;


PSB Café Crave and Save Customized Pizza Offer

PSB Café Crave and Save Customized Pizza Offer

We are excited to offer our most craving and money saver deal for our customers. Our new unlimited free topping customized  pizza will for sure be a delight for your hunger. You can  customize your pizza by your choice, With your choice of toppings and with your choice of seasonings all at one single cost. No additional cost for additional toppings. The unlimited free topping pizza deal will be in stores and for takeaways from March month. We want our customers to not think about the cost over satisfaction or food. So, without any hesitation about price order your favorite pizza with free unlimited toppings and Enjoy!

Customized Pizza Motive

Our motive of this offer is to make customers have a good alternative of customized pizza over other other higher price options. We will also run various promotions deals with the offer options like customers can add meat at a decent price and combos’ options with the pizza which would make a good overall deal. The deals main focus is to grab customers attention and make them come to the stores and delivering them the best customer service. This offer will help PSB café to create a brand awareness in the market and will help to stand out as a top option for people preferring for this deal over carious other brands.


To grab customers attention many promotional activities like promoting the deal on social media apps also promotion  through various flyers and banners at various places. Small budget advertisement will be on radio and television to grab customers attraction. Also, promotions by coupons offers for limited time. Coupons will be in some area near the stores that will run for limited period. The customers will be able to take advantage of coupons by getting a cut on the regular price making it the perfect pizza deal with less price and free unlimited toppings options. This offer will prove to be a great move for PSB café to get a brand name in the market.


The product specifications will be a large customized  pizza with regular 4 toppings. The offer will go on for a specific time duration and will be decide by the performance. PSB café will be decorated with banners and posters and with a new theme to introduce the pizza in the market. Efforts will be put to reach a wider area of market to guarantee a success. The motto will be making maximum sales in a day.


The unlimited pizza offer will be a alternative in the market. As people with different taste will be aware. Also, customers those who are more health conscious can get a good calorie stuffed pizza. Takeaways will also be running a special deal with the pizza size. If you’re getting extra- large pizza for takeaway there will a price cut for special takeaway offer.


Overall, it would be fantastic offer for all PSB café customers. Also, it will help the Café to expand its customer base by this offer as it focuses on all types of customers. It’s going to be a good overall compact offer and a good alternative for customers. This offer will be a eye catching offer for customers for those who prefer more quality over the cost. It will for sure help PSB café to get a good lift in the business/market.