PSB Café Crave and Save Customized Pizza Offer

PSB Café Crave and Save Customized Pizza Offer

We are excited to offer our most craving and money saver deal for our customers. Our new unlimited free topping customized  pizza will for sure be a delight for your hunger. You can  customize your pizza by your choice, With your choice of toppings and with your choice of seasonings all at one single cost. No additional cost for additional toppings. The unlimited free topping pizza deal will be in stores and for takeaways from March month. We want our customers to not think about the cost over satisfaction or food. So, without any hesitation about price order your favorite pizza with free unlimited toppings and Enjoy!

Customized Pizza Motive

Our motive of this offer is to make customers have a good alternative of customized pizza over other other higher price options. We will also run various promotions deals with the offer options like customers can add meat at a decent price and combos’ options with the pizza which would make a good overall deal. The deals main focus is to grab customers attention and make them come to the stores and delivering them the best customer service. This offer will help PSB café to create a brand awareness in the market and will help to stand out as a top option for people preferring for this deal over carious other brands.


To grab customers attention many promotional activities like promoting the deal on social media apps also promotion  through various flyers and banners at various places. Small budget advertisement will be on radio and television to grab customers attraction. Also, promotions by coupons offers for limited time. Coupons will be in some area near the stores that will run for limited period. The customers will be able to take advantage of coupons by getting a cut on the regular price making it the perfect pizza deal with less price and free unlimited toppings options. This offer will prove to be a great move for PSB café to get a brand name in the market.


The product specifications will be a large customized  pizza with regular 4 toppings. The offer will go on for a specific time duration and will be decide by the performance. PSB café will be decorated with banners and posters and with a new theme to introduce the pizza in the market. Efforts will be put to reach a wider area of market to guarantee a success. The motto will be making maximum sales in a day.


The unlimited pizza offer will be a alternative in the market. As people with different taste will be aware. Also, customers those who are more health conscious can get a good calorie stuffed pizza. Takeaways will also be running a special deal with the pizza size. If you’re getting extra- large pizza for takeaway there will a price cut for special takeaway offer.


Overall, it would be fantastic offer for all PSB café customers. Also, it will help the Café to expand its customer base by this offer as it focuses on all types of customers. It’s going to be a good overall compact offer and a good alternative for customers. This offer will be a eye catching offer for customers for those who prefer more quality over the cost. It will for sure help PSB café to get a good lift in the business/market.

Hmc Students New Bubble Tea

Promoting New Bubble Tea

Hmc students is promoting new bubble tea flavor from April 2nd to 12th April !! They are organizing some fun activities and winner of that activities will receive 5 bubble tea of new flavor and will win prizes. Students should come to participate and they will get a chance to taste new flavor of bubble tea with extra bubbles , healthy, cool as well as tasty flavor. So, we are expecting that students will come to grab the oppotunity!!

There are 7 different healthy delicious flavours bubble tea cups which are setup in attractive to make it look beautiful.way

Offer for Sheridan Students

This offer of new flavor is only for the sheridan students. For the participation they have to go online and Visit the homepage of Sheridancollege. New flavor of BUBBLE TEA will add  new excitement level as well as better taste to your lifestyle. For the promotions special discount offer is for the students. Students who scores above 90% will get 10 bubble tea for free, who scores from 75% to 90% will get 5 free bubble tea and who scores 60% to 75% will receive 50% off on purchases from 2nd April to 12th April.
So, Students army come grab this amazing opportunity! Come for new heathy and wealthy brand-new bubble tea shake and which has amazing taste. COOL NEW FLAVOR ! FOR COOL  HMC STUDENTS !

Ingredients of New bubble Tea Flavor

Introducing  new flavor which is prepared with unique add ups to the flavor to BOOST the productivity. This flavor will surely become people’s personal choice.

Premium list of ingredients of delicious bubble tea. Different things are added to this flavor to make it more unique and satisfying with addition of milk, including soy, oat, and almond, green apple. We take special care of others tastes as well as dietary preferences.

Four different flavors of bubble tea with different colour straw in each cup


Event Details for New Bubble Tea

This product may be new for some people as there are many international students and it will be good chance for them to get knowlege about the product. There will be a little seminar which Hmc students are  conducting on starting day of contest on 2nd April and it will take one hour and everything thing related to this product will be explained to students. Students can ask different questions related to this and can also get the chance to taste new bubble tea by Hmc students. Person conducting seminar may ask you any question regarding seminar or things he explained in the seminar and students who will participate can get chance to win rewards. So, don’t miss this huge opportunity.

Emoji of Bubble Tea

Bubble is very famous in todays market and created huge impact. Bubble tea with his uniqueness has become an icon in Los angles for Asian Americans . People in California pronounce bubble tea as “Boba”. Emoji of bubble tea was accepted for Unicode standard as well as to promote the bubble tea more.

Healthy Product

Bubble tea is now becoming famous everywhere and every age group person like to drink bubble tea because it has no side effects on anyone as it is cheap and unique healthy product with lots of different flavors. Students are much more concerned about their diet. So this new flavor by Hmc students will help them to improve their diet. Every flavor has different taste with different recipe.  This drink has so much good things to offer like taste, different flavors, healthy, suitable for every age group, easily available.

Avocado Flavour of bubble tea in the glass for better taste and health.

“Craze of BUBBLE TEA is increasing among people which is making this drink worldwide famous.” It’s so many benefits help people to choose this product best among any other drink.

Promotion marketing strategy slogan
U can add this drink to your routine.



Many other opportunities may come and go but this kind of opportunity comes once in a whole lifetime. So, be present there which can make this event more special and if this event will be successful, which will be can help to organize more events in the future.

For more information you can go to www.sheridan
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The Healthy Food Grill at PSB Cafeteria

The Healthy Food Grill:

A healthy and nutritious food the most need for people now-a-days and it is increasing day by day. As per the research by The PwC group, over the past years about 47% of the age group between 18-35 have changed their diet and it is expected that remaining 53% of the 18-35 age group are also ought to change their diets in up coming year. they go to dietitian or personal training for they food habits. Sheridan college has the many students who might be health conscious and prefer to eat health food apart from other students. As they are students, they might have lesser time to spare from their college and job and also have low budget, College now offers healthy food options which can fit perfectly into their budget and can save their time. The PSB Cafe now provides the following healthy food options which will definitely attract students and change their opinion about healthy and filling food:

Veggie Sandwiches:

Options available with organic breads and organic grown veggies. Veggie dips available to spice it up. Combos with sandwiches are also available.

 Ham Sandwiches:

Fresh Ham sandwiches available topped with veggies and sauces. Dairy free options available, for example; sandwich without cheese.

Chicken Sandwiches:

Fresh chicken sandwiches available with chunky sides and dips.

These sandwiches are healthy, nutritious and filling. There are organic and gluten-free option available in the PSB cafe. Then there are also options for bread, sauces, toppings, cheese and the main ingredients to make it more tasteful and delicious. Students and Professors can have their absolutely filling and healthy breakfast and lunch during or after their breaks. They easily fit into the budget of students.

About Us:

PSB sandwiches are fresh, healthy and nutritious to consume. It is take-out and dine-in restaurants located in both HMC and Davis campuses of Sheridan college. PSB offers various offers, combos and discounts for the students on daily basis. PSB mainly targets the need of students and professors and to everyone who is in search of healthy food for reasonable price. To make it easy and for the students who feel lousy to stand in line, PSB also provide to order online on Boost app. Trying to make things easy and flexible for students, who are in hurry, stress during their lectures and exam, PSB provide them on-campus delivery and delivery in class as well which will attract more students. Other than providing services to students on campus, PSB also provide it to the outsiders who are looking for healthy and nutritious, gluten-free food options. If you think it is something interesting that you would like, you can invite your friends to visit and try new options at PSB Cafe.

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