Hmc Students New Bubble Tea

Promoting New Bubble Tea

Hmc students is promoting new bubble tea flavor from April 2nd to 12th April !! They are organizing some fun activities and winner of that activities will receive 5 bubble tea of new flavor and will win prizes. Students should come to participate and they will get a chance to taste new flavor of bubble tea with extra bubbles , healthy, cool as well as tasty flavor. So, we are expecting that students will come to grab the oppotunity!!

There are 7 different healthy delicious flavours bubble tea cups which are setup in attractive to make it look beautiful.way

Offer for Sheridan Students

This offer of new flavor is only for the sheridan students. For the participation they have to go online and Visit the homepage of Sheridancollege. New flavor of BUBBLE TEA will add  new excitement level as well as better taste to your lifestyle. For the promotions special discount offer is for the students. Students who scores above 90% will get 10 bubble tea for free, who scores from 75% to 90% will get 5 free bubble tea and who scores 60% to 75% will receive 50% off on purchases from 2nd April to 12th April.
So, Students army come grab this amazing opportunity! Come for new heathy and wealthy brand-new bubble tea shake and which has amazing taste. COOL NEW FLAVOR ! FOR COOL  HMC STUDENTS !

Ingredients of New bubble Tea Flavor

Introducing  new flavor which is prepared with unique add ups to the flavor to BOOST the productivity. This flavor will surely become people’s personal choice.

Premium list of ingredients of delicious bubble tea. Different things are added to this flavor to make it more unique and satisfying with addition of milk, including soy, oat, and almond, green apple. We take special care of others tastes as well as dietary preferences.

Four different flavors of bubble tea with different colour straw in each cup


Event Details for New Bubble Tea

This product may be new for some people as there are many international students and it will be good chance for them to get knowlege about the product. There will be a little seminar which Hmc students are  conducting on starting day of contest on 2nd April and it will take one hour and everything thing related to this product will be explained to students. Students can ask different questions related to this and can also get the chance to taste new bubble tea by Hmc students. Person conducting seminar may ask you any question regarding seminar or things he explained in the seminar and students who will participate can get chance to win rewards. So, don’t miss this huge opportunity.

Emoji of Bubble Tea

Bubble is very famous in todays market and created huge impact. Bubble tea with his uniqueness has become an icon in Los angles for Asian Americans . People in California pronounce bubble tea as “Boba”. Emoji of bubble tea was accepted for Unicode standard as well as to promote the bubble tea more.

Healthy Product

Bubble tea is now becoming famous everywhere and every age group person like to drink bubble tea because it has no side effects on anyone as it is cheap and unique healthy product with lots of different flavors. Students are much more concerned about their diet. So this new flavor by Hmc students will help them to improve their diet. Every flavor has different taste with different recipe.  This drink has so much good things to offer like taste, different flavors, healthy, suitable for every age group, easily available.

Avocado Flavour of bubble tea in the glass for better taste and health.

“Craze of BUBBLE TEA is increasing among people which is making this drink worldwide famous.” It’s so many benefits help people to choose this product best among any other drink.

Promotion marketing strategy slogan
U can add this drink to your routine.



Many other opportunities may come and go but this kind of opportunity comes once in a whole lifetime. So, be present there which can make this event more special and if this event will be successful, which will be can help to organize more events in the future.

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Sheridan Cafe Loyalty Points: Introducing Boosi

Are you a student or faculty member at Sheridan College? Have you ever felt that you could save more time or money? If you’re at Sheridan College, you can now do  earn PSB Cafe loyalty points by using the Boosi App at Sheridan Cafe. You probably have a lot of apps, and each one serves a different purpose. In the digital age, mobile apps are a part of our everyday lives. Did you know that in today’s age and time, people spend at least two hours a day on their phone?

It’s simple when you think of why that is: Apps make our lives easier.

Company’s nowadays must focus on making the experience of users more convenient to remain competitive in the market. Therefore, in the digital age it’s easy to find an app for ANYTHING!

So how does this help you?

A problem many students face, is that they don’t have time. While running between classes to meeting deadlines, a student’s time is precious. Student’s also eat a lot of food, and sometimes running across campus to get food becomes a drag. Lines are long between classes, and during classes you cant afford to miss vital information.

As a consumer, you most likely are familiar with earning loyalty various points. There are multiple loyalty programs that benefit users and allows them to save both time and money. At Sheridan College, PSB cafe is a hub where students can get quick bites to eat without straying far from class. Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn Sheridan Cafe loyalty points as well?

Well, wait no longer, because we are no introducing the Boosi app: A mobile on-campus ordering system to help students at Sheridan College campuses save time and save money. Earn Sheridan Cafe loyalty points and receive live updates about your order!

Loyalty points can be used to get discounts and deals for prepared foods (Burgers, Drinks, Sandwiches) that can be purchased at Sheridan’s PSB cafe. You can now save time and money using the Boosi app system. Keep a record of your order history and manage your spending habits with our personal “History” features, and collect coupons through our email messaging system

Sheridan Cafe Food & Money Managing

You can use Boosi to spend better at Sheridan Cafe!

Have you ever felt that you purchased too much food? Loyalty points are not the only rewards that Boosi offers! Using Boosi’s order management system, you can track how much you spend at any Sheridan Café. You can even see what you’ve purchased previously and reorder for quicker bites at Sheridan. 

If you spend a lot of money purchasing a specific type of food, Boosi can be used to draw insights and even help you with dieting. A lot of people have difficulty with managing both their work and personal life, and don’t have the time to worry about manually keeping track of everything. Because they have deadlines, assignments, needs and priorities, some people even choose to just skip eating!

While such resolve is very admirable, eating is one of the few pleasures in life and should not be difficult for anybody, even if they are busy. That’s why Boosi takes care of it all for you: To make your life easier.

Track your spending patterns, review your order history, see what foods you eat at Sheridan Cafe, and earn Sheridan Cafe loyalty points to save money at the same time!

Order your food while at Sheridan Cafe and pick it up to save time and skip the line!

Save Money, Save Time, Earn loyalty points

You can start to earn loyalty points at Sheridan Cafe by downloading Boosi below: