Get your 15 minute pizza at sheridan

If you’re looking for a full meal or a quick snack between classes, PSB has variety of options for you one of them is pizza. It serves everyone with number of food items and also it can serve within a 15 minute class break time. It  located at Sheridan college in Mississauga at Pilon school of business.pepperoni pizza with extra cheese. made in 15 minuteOur motive is to serve pizza fast, with good quality, additional free topping and seasonings, low prices and to make our customer happy with our service.our main focus is on making everyone’s pizza ready in 15 minutes. Now it’s possible to get 15 minute pizza at Sheridan.

Menu items

Pizza has number of items. It includes different kind of pizza’s which includes vegetarian, chicken, beef, peperoni. We also serve garlic bread, cheese sticks, wings, desserts and drinks. Our store has almost everything which customer always wants.

15 minute guaranteed serving pizza

Our main motive and specialty is that we give guarantee to serve our pizza within 15 minutes at in less time

There are so many high level services at our store to make this service fast.If we fail to do it then we give it on half price. But it never happened.It is our record to make pizza ready in given time.

How we make 15 minute service possible

Firstly, we have good and experienced working team. Our team includes manager, supervisor, and employees. They all are highly trained, professional and experienced. Supervisors are the one who handle everything and keep eye on every staff member. Employees are the workers who keep everything ready for making a pizza. They Prepare pizza dough, sauces, and various toppings, such as tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and meats etc. high quality pizza is prepared according to company recipes. We keep our stuff ready in free time or before and after our shifts. Secondly, pizza machines are huge and new. It can make number of pizza at a time. Our staff manages time properly and have good team work. These all are the reasons that we make our service fast and possible. That’s why we are able to say that “Get your 15 minute pizza at Sheridan”.

Benefits of this 15 minute pizza service

Other pizza stores take more time to prepare pizza. They need near about 25 minutes for pizza. As we make pizza in 15 minutes students are really happy with it. Because students don’t have enough time to go out. On the order hand   other stores take long time to prepare it. Therefore, our pizza is convenient for them. It also saves time and they don’t have to go out of campus for pizza. They can have it within 15 minutes without any longer wait. Further, it helps in increasing customers. Customers always come back to a business where they had the best experience. Moreover, it enhances customer satisfaction. Customers are really satisfied with this fast service. These are some of the benefits of our pizza service.

How we can promote it

We have a campaign topic in our mind. We will prepare a theme to contact customers and call them through cell phone and e-mail and take their opinions on our product. There will be some present playing cards and reward points on customers feedback and number of time they visit our store. We will inform them about this 15 minute service. In addition,we have a deal that if pizza takes longer than 15 mins we will supply it at half rate. Continue reading “Get your 15 minute pizza at sheridan”