Healthy Juice in Mississauga

Come and get a Bruins Juice! Buy one and get one for your friend, he/she will be happy for a day.


The company that our team will be supporting is the PSB café at Sheridan college. This new food restaurant currently has two locations which are located at the HMC and Davis campuses.  The goal of the business venture will be to support the café through a brand-new campaign theme.

Bruins Juice

Furthermore, we will effectively convey the benefit of the product and to identify the targeted audience. The primary business objectives will be to gain new customers by introducing new desirable products all while to improve the marketing on the business’s products to drive awareness and increase sales.

Come and get fresh/ organic juice at local.

The promotional offers that will be offered for Bruin Juice will be as follows; Thirsty Thursdays whereas if you bring/ refer a friend customer with any purchase of a beverage the customer will be able to receive an additional beverage for 50% (must be equal or lesser value).