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Boost app has its unique selling points the major USPS are convenience, value, diversity, reliability, record & loyalty, and affordability. The main focus is on reliability and the keyword is “Sheridan college boost app”. students always want reliable food which means they always want food up to their expectations and not just something which looks reliable on pictures but the real thing is different from that. Students can easily download boost app from google play store and apple app store and can select their college which will show them the options available on their campus. Below is a screenshot of what boost app looks like.

what is boost app


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Target audience and how it benefits them!

The main target audience for boost app is undoubtedly the Sheridan students because they are the major consumers of on-campus food courts at Sheridan although the school/college professors and other staff will be the secondary target audience the main focus is on the students.

Imagine a target persona or the average customer!

his name is Rahul, he is 21 years old. He came from India as an international student to study a business diploma at the Sheridan college HMC campus. Rahul has his classes from Monday to Friday and he works part-time on weekend to support his monthly expenses in Canada. he likes to live a healthy and active lifestyle but due to his tight schedule, he not cook food daily to bring to college. Rahul discovers that the food court at his college has healthy stuff like salads as well but the line for the food courts is always big and he doesn’t have that much time to wait and he can not rely on other food ordering apps because they are expensive and not healthy as compared to college’s healthy, clean and reliable cooking practices

Boost app can help Rahul for example if he searches my focused keyword phrase “Sheridan college boost app” it will lead to 396000 results which means it is an effective keyword phrase and also a reliable one as the very first result which Rahul will get will be the website of boost app itself through which Rahul will download the app and order his food and pay at the same time so that his food will be ready to pick up. This will help Rahul so much because he will get reliable and healthy food which he gets in the college through the boost app which will save his time also.

Boost app at Sheridan

Sheridan’s all three campuses offer food from various food chains below are some screenshots of boost app that shows food options available at Sheridan’s three campuses.


hmc foodboost sheridan oakville sheridan davis

Sheridan HMC            Sheridan Trafalgar         Sheridan Davis

Images retrieved from = Digital hospitality-CGC.(2016).Boost: Mobile Food Ordering (2. 12.0). Google Play Store.

Came so far…. Why the wait then?

Did you manage to read the whole blog? Yes right, why the wait then… download Boost app right now through the app store or the google play store and go through a short and easy sign-up process and use your visa card to set up a payment method and after that. At Sheridan, you don’t have to worry about long lines and waiting times search the “Sheridan college boost app”. Download boost now!


boost mobile food app Sheridan college

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